Millions of pages of high-quality text produced at the push of a button (well not quite, but almost).

Enigma is Tourism Media’s proprietary tool for creating automated, high-quality, SEO-optimised, human-friendly content at scale. Simply put, Enigma can create millions of pages of quality-written content in 20+ languages at a very low cost.

The principal challenge of rolling out accurate, automated content at scale is creating high-quality writing that maximises customer engagement. TM’s extensive background in producing hand-crafted writing meant the path to the new frontier of Natural Language Generation was an instinctive one. From the outset of the Enigma Project, our writing managers set the quality bar high, encouraging us to discover sophisticated solutions to bridge the gap between sub-par automated boilerplate and handcrafted content.

At its heart, Enigma’s self-writing architecture combines sets of metadata with human-written terms and phrases to produce high-quality, scaled pages with soul. Enigma is a true collaboration between our best content editors, a dedicated writing team, our metadata collection team and our software engineers, all who collaborate with our clients to find solutions for their diverse page types, lines of business, brands and languages. 

Gone are the days of annoying boilerplate content. Enigma’s benefits on scaled sites are numerous: content duplication is minimised, page relevance is maximised, cross links are easily embedded, real-world data is seamlessly integrated and, ultimately, site traffic increases.

Enigma’s databases are connected to multiple sources of raw data via APIs, which provide the fuel for advanced algorithms designed by the writing team and executed by our software engineers. A continuous flow of data allows us to update single words, sentences or entire paragraphs across pages as data evolves. This kind of instant agility is something that’s just not practical using traditional methods and allows the customer to enjoy the most up-to-date information.

Enigma also has extensive reporting capabilities that allows SEO specialists to analyse the outcomes of multiple Enigma initiatives. This accelerates the test and learn process, allows for rapid fine-tuning, and ensures that the content and page performance answers customer needs in an engaging and accurate manner.