From single bespoke pages to large-scale automated rollouts, Explore makes publishing quality content a breeze.

Explore is our versatile publishing platform that allows us to build out everything from highly scaled pages of automated content to single hand-crafted pages. The system’s dynamic page templates are comprised of highly customisable sectors and modules that can align with any brand and style guidelines. 

Multiple templates can be integrated across sites to optimise content and provide rich multi-layering. For example, a travel website featuring a specific state or region can be built out with modules relating to information on key cities. Accordingly, those city pages can then be templated to display content on neighbourhoods, attractions and business.

Explore’s capabilities allow us to build content-heavy, public-facing websites rapidly, without ever skimping on essentials such as advanced cross-linking, rich-media embeds, and mobile and tablet breakpoints. The platform’s advanced algorithms are optimised to work with large dynamic datasets that can drive page creation and automated updating of module content as required. 

Explore supports multiple languages, and also allows the integration of Accelerator forms to collect information from customers or users.