Kyoto shoot becomes a family affair.

We’ve just uploaded our Kyoto Destination Guide to Expedia’s ever-growing Youtube Channel. This travel video truly captures the magic of this fascinating city – a mix of ultra-high-tech and traditional Japanese culture. Once the country’s capital, Kyoto is considered one of Japan’s most beautiful cities and is one of its biggest travel destinations.

Brisbane based photographer, Ian, his partner Sandra (one of our production team) and their two children spent days exploring ancient temples built from stone and wood, sampling sushi, belting out tunes in karaoke bars, and discovering some of Japan’s oldest backstreets.

Ian’s assignment was to capture the heart of Kyoto, but in the end, it was Kyoto that captured his. Ian returned raving about the incredible warmth and generosity of the locals he encountered, and said he’d happily relocate to Kyoto in a heartbeat. The stories Sandra and the kids returned with were also testament to Kyoto’s reputation as a great family destination.

When the footage and stills arrived back at Tourism Media’s HQ, the entire team was blown away, and we knew this production was destined to be something special. Johnny took over the project and immersed himself in Kyoto’s history and culture for days as he crafted the script, pieced together shot sequences and drove our composer Jacquie just a little crazy with musical suggestions. To get just the right Kyoto pluck, Jacquie meticulously layered four different samples from a Koto, a traditional stringed instrument, but the goosebump-inducing results were worth it!

At the end of the project, Johnny decided he needed to see the real Kyoto for himself. In April he and his two daughters will be jetting to Japan to take a two week tour from Osaka to Tokyo, with an extended stay in Kyoto in between. While in Kyoto, he and his daughters will catch up with Kyoto-based photographer, Akiko, a much-loved member of TM’s extended family.

Stay tuned for Johnny’s travel report in May.