The photos that our photographers send back from the road manage to inspire the whole office – even the members of the team whose jobs don’t allow them to travel for hundreds of days each year.

When we asked Mathew Cubela, Tourism Media’s website developer, for his favourite image over the years, he didn’t even hesitate in choosing this one.

Matty is in charge of developing and maintaining our custom built content management system which is at the heart of almost everything we do. Affectionately known as “Gearbox”, this system manages the workflow for text generation as well as mass photo processing. Gearbox has taken more than 5 years to develop and is designed specifically to deal with the high volumes of content and photos that we produce for our travel clients such as Expedia.

Matty’s favourite photo was taken in Guana Bay Beach in the Caribbean. It is the image that has graced his desktop for years and he has named the dog Trevor…

Matt Cubela’s favourite travel photo