The most recent project taking the spotlight here at HQ is the Kegs of Glory competition. Tourism Media partnered with a fabulous team at Pacific Digital Group in San Diego in a quirky campaign to promote Australia’s thriving craft beer scene.

Essentially, the team visited several craft breweries in Queensland and Victoria to find out which is the capital of craft beer in Australia. Brisbane or Melbourne?

Johnny, Sawyer, Mo, and Chris were at the heart of this project and if the rest of us are honest, Kegs of Glory quickly became bigger than Ben Hur. They took a 6-day trip to Melbourne in June to film craft breweries and interview brew masters in their element. Then they returned to check out a few of the great breweries in Brisvegas too.

The fun and quirky style of these brewery mini-docos meant that there was a lot of strange post-shoot filming to do, to add just the right amount of drama.

This involved some odd behaviour around the office.

One day the boys were smashing pineapples and karate chopping dragon fruit in the front yard—a task they seemed to enjoy a little too much. The next, Johnny was on the phone for two hours, trying to track down a live mud-crab to film—Mo almost lost his shooting finger to a feisty crustacean that day.
The office was rife with brewery merch, weird hops props, and Johnny singing out “KEEEEEEEGS OF GLORY” at every opportunity.

That said, this project was a welcome change of pace for the team, and everyone loved supporting and promoting local businesses.

Voting closes on the 13th of August, so get in quick to vote for your favourite featured brewery.

Visit to see the full project.