Jacquie Joy has been working as a composer for Tourism Media since the company’s very beginning. She’s produced some of our favourite pieces of music for videos which have attracted tens of millions of views. Recently, Jacquie received the very prestigious honor of an Hollywood Music in Media Awards (HMMA) nomination. 

The HMMA began in 2009 and is one of the first organisations to award prizes for original music in all visual media including pieces from film and television to games, documentaries, commercials and trailers. Jacquie is joining ranks with other past nominees such as Jakob Dylan, Hans Zimmer and John Legend. 

Jacquie was nominated for an award in the World Music Category for her work on the Osaka Travel Guide. As with all of Expedia’s travel videos, the Osaka edition features bright, uplifting music that relates to the culture of the city — with Japanese themed-melodies that really immerse the viewer within the footage.

Reflecting on the awards ceremony (held on the 28th of January this year) Jacquie has said: “It was a super professional, entertaining and slick presentation that ran for 2 hours- it included tributes and performances from Kenny Loggins, Kris Bowers and Andra Day. It was so inspiring watching the other categories being awarded to the absolute top people in the industry… and it was amazing to see some of my composer friends also win a few awards too.

For someone who started in live performance, singing and playing guitar, it must be a huge thrill to receive a nomination alongside some of the biggest composers and musicians in Hollywood. From everyone at Tourism Media we say well done Jacquie for this recognition of your wonderful work — we always knew you were a star!

To see the moment Jacquie was announced as a nominee among a pool of other talented composers, watch the video below.

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