One of our photographers, Jon R, is currently touring Australia and recently sent back some photos from his time in South Australia.

Jon loved the landscape in SA but says that the food experience there was even more amazing. Here are his highlights:

First, D’Aranberg winery prepared their signature dishes for me to photograph (and then eat). It included two desserts. I left feeling very content.

Later, on Kangaroo Island, someone told me about a restaurant in a fig tree, so when I drove past a sign called the Enchanted Fig Tree, I had to stop and investigate. The setting was more magical than I imagined. Within the fig tree was a space for four tables and a maximum of 14 guests. Music seemed to emerge from the tree. Part of the experience was that this seemed to be in the middle of nowhere, 30kms down a dirt road.

The next day I visited a place that grows marron – a fresh water crayfish as well as their own wine. Needless to say, it was an excellent lunch!