Some cities are so charismatic that their Vacation Travel Guide scripts almost write themselves, and Ljubljana is one of them. This is a city that brims with European history and charm, but also offers some unique treasures of its own.

For instance, it’s not every day you will happen upon a museum dedicated to marionettes, but in Ljubljana you can explore the city’s rich tradition at the Museum of Puppetry.

The city banned cars in its centre in 2007 leaving the air free of all but the tinkle of bicycle bells, and the only traffic you’ll find here is people out enjoying the university town.

The city strikes a balance between innovation and history. Ljubljana Castle is a beloved landmark that has been standing above the city for more than 900 years. Far from relic status, the castle is often used for weddings, concerts and art shows and is as such part of Ljubljana’s daily life.

When researching the script for the video, our resident writing whiz, Kathy Wilson, loved the local myths that still echo in the city today. Dragons are the symbol of Ljubljana, a legacy from a dragon that was said to have lived in the town river. “My favourite story was about the Dragon Bridge. Locals believe that when a pure maiden crosses the bridge, the dragon statues standing above her twitch their tails,” she says.

Press play below and check out the bridge for yourself and the many delights of Ljubjana.