Our Vacation Travel Guides really are a team effort at Tourism Media and so the whole team loves to keep an eye on the statistics that let us know how many people are enjoying them.

We were especially delighted last week, when our Los Angeles Vacation Travel Guide hit more than 600,000 views (608,132 to be exact).

So far, it has received 3327 likes, over 300 comments and has been shared more than 800 times.

If you haven’t yet seen it, you can watch it below (and don’t forget to let us know what you think.)

Producing these videos really is a labour of love for us.

The work starts with our Media Production Department, who work to plan each shoot and get all the logistics lined up for our intrepid photographers.

Next step is for our writers to start on preliminary research. At this stage, they pick out the special qualities for each destination and then brief the shooters.

Once the footage arrives at Tourism Media HQ, the writers then develop a script which is finessed by the editorial team. After that it goes to fact checking and final approval.

At the next stage of development, we work with international voice studios and professionals to have the script read to create a voice-over with a local accent.

While this is going on, our in-house composer develops music to bring the entire video to life.

Our video editors then combine all the pieces together and then it is published to one of the 20-plus YouTube channels that we manage.

And then we sit back and watch people enjoy it.